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About Televic

Where communication
meets innovation

Televic is an international leader in high-end communication systems for global markets: healthcare, rail, conference and education. We rely on 7 decades of technological ingenuity. Our no nonsense approach and ongoing urge for innovation keep us on top of several niche markets, such as nurse call systems.

Global ambition

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bright minds


hubs worldwide


fantastic partners

€ 150 mio


In every corner of the world, Televic facilitates and improves communication flows. With the headquarter in Belgium and 9 offices and 5 R&D hubs worldwide we guarantee each and every client premium service. Supported by over 1.000 employees worldwide, each with their own experience and knowledge.

Pushing boundaries

Propelled by innovation, we are constantly pushing boundaries, redefining paradigms and stretching the technological limits. That’s how Televic ensures you get the best communication solution for your needs. Now and in the future.

Our philosophy

At the heart of our professional being you’ll find 4 clear and proven values.
These are fundamental to our company and our employees. From the early years up until today.

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Reliable long-term partner focused on delivering high quality.

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Always ahead of the curve in everything we do.

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Anticipating changing needs within our markets to stay ahead.

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Trusted as experts across our niche markets.