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System flexibility

Yes, this is possible, the same hardware can stay in place, and it will connect to the system instead of functioning stand-alone. This will enabling advanced and enterprise features.

You can either extend the system by adding AQURA Essentials systems, they will independently and autonomously function per ward. If you want a full system with more advanced features, central management, and capabilities to combine multiple wards, then you can upgrade to the AQURA Care platform. The existing hardware can stay in place and will work seamlessly together with the AQURA Care platform.

Upgrade the system any time to the full AQURA Care platform which does not only offer wired nurse call but a range of other applications. The existing hardware can stay in place and will work seamlessly together with the AQURA Care platform.

Nurse call features

Yes, in multi-beds rooms the bed where the call originates from will be indicated on the displays. Cancellation of a bed call happens on the call unit at that bed, this ensures someone went to the bed.

Yes, a monitoring device can be plugged into a socket and the alarm that will be triggered will be different from the push pear indicating a monitoring call has been triggered.

No, only light control is foreseen. Blend control is possible in the full AQURA Care platform.

No, this system has no separate sanitary cancellation in this release, a sanitary call is cancelled by the room presence button.

No. Currently you need to upgrade to a full system for this feature.

Signalization features

Yes, it is possible to have multiple nurse stations and signage screens per ward. The total is limited to 10.

Yes, you can provide aliases for room and bed names, you can use a custom numbering and change the names of the nurse call types. Unicode characters are used, meaning any language is possible (even emoji-icons are possible).

No, notifications of calls are visible on the overdoor lights of the system and through the nurse station and signage screen. One could consult the signage screen web-interface as well on a tablet or mobile phone, however this method is for consulting only and not to be used for acute notifications.

No, when a display is desired one can upgrade to the full AQURA Care platform which has a small color touch screen unit.

The 4 most priority notifications are visualized, and the total number of active nurse calls is displayed. When alarms get cancelled the other calls will be displayed dynamically.

No. Only active nurse calls are displayed.

The system is a ward nurse call system, it functions on a ward basis. However, the signage is a web-interface, multiple web-browser windows could be used next to each other to visualize the alarms from multiple ward as a workaround. For a true centralized system with functionalities over wards the AQURA Care platform is needed.

The 4 most priority calls will be displayed. They are displayed in the order of the priority of the type of call (see call-types table); multiple calls from the same type will be ordered oldest first.

System features

No, currently there is no support for right to left user interfaces.

No, the intercom units are only used for intercom after a nurse call has been activated.

No, an intercom call can only be made from an active alarm due to privacy reasons.

Installation features

Any 24V DC power supply delivering enough current for the size of the installation should work, check local regulations to choose the right type and if emergency power supplies are needed. All nurse call devices have a separate connector for power.

The nurse station is supplied with its specific power supply. Refer to the documentation for more details about power supplies.

No, everything is self-contained. No internet connection is needed for operation of the system.

No, this system is autonomous and runs without the need of a server. The ward controller controls the ward and web-applications, and the room hubs control each room.

Yes, a DHCP server is needed. This can be established with each standard consumer router.

From the moment you can access the network where the ward controller is connected to you can do all configuration and system checking from the web-interface of the ward controller. Typically, this is done through VPN or Teamviewer connection to a PC on the network.

Comparison table with AQURA care platform

AQURA Essentials nurse call system can evolve with your needs by connecting it to the full AQURA care platform at any point in time. It can be done without changing any infrastructure in your ward.

Televic AQURA Essentials FAQ