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the components of
AQURA Essentials

AQURA Essentials brings all parts of a nurse call system together in a user-friendly, low-threshold communication system. These are the building blocks of an unshakable and reliable communication platform for your healthcare institution. Quick to install and with a long service life.

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Modular clickable units

Televic AQURA Essentials modular and clickable unit
Televic AQURA Essentials modular clickable units

Different components

Push pears & monitoring cable

  • 1-button: nurse call, 5-button: nurse call with room- and reading light control
  • Large red call button, with integrated reassurance LED
  • Finding light to find the push-pear in the dark
  • Flame-retardant and anti-static
  • Ergonomic design, plastic resistant to UV and disinfectants
  • IP67 rating
  • Third party integration (e.x. blow/pedal/cushion switch) through monitoring cable
  • Money saving connector
  • Magnetic auto-release socket for push pear
  • Reliable connection: gold plated contact pins
Televic Aqura Essentials - ward controller

Smart ward controller

The ward controller is the control and communication unit of the AQURA Essentials system:

  • Capacity of up to 40 rooms per ward
  • Easy room assignment: no programming needed
  • Fallback mechanism to room mode in case the ward controller gets isolated from the system
  • Ability to split the ward in 2 branches for extra reliability
  • DIN rail mountable


The AQURA Essentials web based application that visualizes the 4 highest priority active alarms of the ward in real time on the display of your choice:

  • Show the duration each call has been active
  • Repeat a sound rhythm of the most prioritize call
  • Mute the sound rhythm in case it is disturbing
  • Repeat a sound rhythm of the most priority call
Televic AQURA Essentials screen signage with automatic prioritization of alarms
Televic AQURA Essentials nurse station phone configuration

Nurse station touch phone

A user-friendly phone with an interactive touch interface, showing all active alarms of the ward and enabling intercom conversations with the patient room and bed:

  • One device for intercom, interactive alarm monitoring and handling
  • Automatic prioritization of alarms
  • Directly set up a call from an alarm
  • Waiting time indication
  • Day and night regime for audio volumes
  • 24-hours history of calls
  • Runs on Android, ensuring a smooth and intuitive handling
  • Available in two sizes: 7 or 8 inch

Room devices

  • Call unit for normal, sanitary or assistance calls
  • Pull cord unit for sanitary, normal or assistance calls
  • Nurse presence and call cancellation unit
  • Smart single outlet with call and cancellation button
  • SIP addressable digital intercom unit
  • Smart unit for medical alarm
  • Push pears and monitoring cable
Televic AQURA Essentials nurse call set-up of a single room

Download our Functional description

Selecting a nurse call system can be challenging for healthcare organizations, especially when it is for a single ward or multiple independent wards and when needs may evolve over time. Let us help you with your choice and discover all the features of AQURA Essentials.

Televic AQURA Essentials Functional description

Easy to set up, easy to maintain, easy to use