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AQURA Essentials,
the core of nurse call

Advanced technology and communication expertise, brought together by ambition and refined to the essence. Meet AQURA Essentials, the versatile entry level nurse call system of Televic Healthcare. A budget friendly answer to the current challenges of healthcare organizations, with advantages for every stakeholder.


Easy to install, use and maintain

AQURA Essentials keeps it simple and is self-explaining, no training needed due to plug-and-play installation. Nurses can focus on patients instead of on the technology thanks to the intuitive user interface.

Through our intuitive user interface no training is required to use the system. Automatic prioritization of alarms, support of local language, customization of naming, volume, alarm types, colors … resulting in increased nurse satisfaction and efficiency.

Without prior knowledge

After the frames are mounted and the buttons, intercom, outlets are wired, they can simply be clicked into the frames. Commissioning is plug-and-play, ready for action, straight from the box!


From our 70 years of experience we learned that replacing push pear connectors is the major cost for your nurse call system. We solve this problem by using robust magnetic connectors for the push pear. Additionally our sanitary call buttons are protected against breaking from a hard pull.

Televic AQURA Essentials magnetic stick for easy and fast configuration

Easy and fast configuration

No computer is required, a simple swipe by the telescopic magnet on the room lamp configures a room. In a couple of seconds everyone can set up a multi bed room.



and safe nurse call system



for nurse, technician and patient / resident



thanks to the advanced technology and design



high quality materials designed for care and cure environments



to the full
AQURA care platform

Backed by 70 years of
expertise in healthcare

This purified product range is the result of a thorough development process combined with years of experience in healthcare. The solid foundations go back even way further. Manufacturer Televic has been specializing in communication technologies since 1946.